Wednesday, 23 March 2011

About the quality Sterling 311 bath lift

Now everyone has a reason to smile thanks to the battery-powered bathing lift - Sterling 311. This bath lift allows the user to take a bath comfortably and safely.

It helps gives the users a really therapeutic soaking value such that bathing becomes a very pleasurable experience. This bath has a hand control that operates with the help of rechargeable batteries and which enables the user to adjust positions easily while taking a bath.

The other unique features of this Sterling 311 bath lift include an automatic and recline control, larger transfer area, easy release system, and deluxe comfort covers. It has an intelligent safety system capable of checking the power levels before use. It also has a convenient folding design that enables it to be easily stored or transported.

It makes for comfortable and safe bathing for individuals who have difficulty in bathing may be due to disability, old age or injuries. Such people can now soak in the bath and enjoy the pleasures of doing so at very affordable costs.
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